In 1983 BethAn Gilbert now Nishijima packed up and moved to Hilo from Honolulu.

It took a year just to start Nori's up because of doing everything the hard way and only a small loan to start off with. Today Nori's has been around the block several times and has made it to the 30 year marker.

The menu has expanded through the years and adding on to the list of items,Nori's began a omiyage list (GIFTS OF ALOHA).  Our famous chocolate mochi cake which has the best chocolate and is gluten free is still the best seller.  It's cousin the chocolate mochi cookies also gluten free beat out godivas chocolate one year for valentines day selection.

We also have furikake cookies, teri tako, beef jerky, seasoned iriko and a bunch of other items that we make ourselves. Nori's became popular when it aired on Hari's Kitchen since then the community events, several other local shows and the 2 Skinny Chefs has kept Nori's in the know.

When you visit Nori's, after eating check out the omiyage shop next door we haveNori's products available and we sell Hello Kitty items. We also have Mountain Apple Brand Products at KTA,  our instant saimin, Nori's Mustard Cabbage Koko, Shrimp Krackas and our Eurasia Dressings.

All prices are subject to change.

Consuming raw or under cooked foods may increase your risk of food born illness.



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Nori's Saimin and Snacks
688 Kinoole St
Ste 124
Hilo, HI 96720



Monday:  Closed
Tues-Thur: 10:30am–10pm
Fri-Sat: 10:30am–11pm
T: 10:30am–10pm