(Garnished with green onions, fishcake, char sui, and eggs)

Choose From:

Small Bowl:  $6.95

Large Bowl: $7.95

Add Won Tons: +$2.00

Special:  Make any bowl of noodles a 'Special' for $1.95. 
Comes with a chicken stick and added cooked vegetables.

  • Saimin - original, old style noodles
  • Hilo Style Ramen - thin, egg noodles
  • Curly Ramen - ramen egg noodles
  • Wakana Soba - spinach noodles
  • Buckwheat - buckwheat noodles
  • Udon - thick noodles


Super Deluxe Min
Comes with won tons, 1 chicken stick and 1 barbecue stick and lots of noodles.
For those with a large appetite.  NO TAKE OUT.  (Sharing add 3.00)